Gearing Up For Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

We’re gearing up for our largest SHVP team yet – 48 total runners – for this year’s Ragnar Relay Series in Cape Cod! We have four teams (A, B, C, and D) each with 12 strong vegans, covering 200 miles over the course of Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14. Our teams are as follows; you’ll recognize many of these names from past Ragnar team series that we’ve competed in!

A Team
1: Alan Dumond
2: Peter Nussbaum
3: Ellie Pell
4: Sean Scott
5: Ian Sherlock
6: Samantha Lynn LeBlanc
7: Adrian Centoni
8: Micah Risk
9: Pulin Modi
10: Joseph Burns
11: Dana Portnoyy
12: Aaron Zel
B Team
1 Laura Gardner
2 Skott Daltonic
3 Lia Belardo
4 Suzie Jo Constantin
5 Nate DeMontigny
6 Jay Phillips
7 Scott Spitz
8 Lauren Harper
9 Samuel Hartman
10 Heather Ryan
11 Joan Wendler Albert
12 Jessica Ryle
C Team
1 Lauren Lapierre
2 Marie Gryszowka
3 Joel Capolongo
4 Alex Shopov
5 Brian G Smith
6 Carrie Howerton
7 Aaron Bell
8 Candace Bell
9 Brian Hahn
10 Christine LaDuca
11 Erin Jaskiewicz
12 Melissa Centoni
D Team
1 Rachel Wellner
2 Casey Johnston
3 Jeremy Ritz-Totten
4 Carrie Hineline
5 Jordan Black
6 Kaitlin Theresa
7 Jason Young
8 Michael Harren
9 Honey LaBronx
10 Nicholas Broat
11 Jasmin Singer
12 Sheera Witt

We also wanna give a shout-out to our awesome van drivers keeping us safe all through the night! They areĀ Chris Cooney, Kendra Murphy, Meghann Wilson, Rachel Atcheson, Sheila Bailey, Lana Stafford, Joe Stawiarz, and Molly Wason.

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