Race Reports & More from Cape Cod 2016

Here’s a summary of all the individual write-ups from SHVP members about this year’s 2016 race! Thanks, friends!

Cape Cod Ragnar Relay (SHVP A-Team)

by Samantha LeBlanc

It is such a gratifying, powerful feeling to walk around the starting line with this huge vegan army of runners and drivers wearing the Strong Hearts Vegan Power branded running gear and hoodies. [link]


Ragnar Cape Cod 2016

Ellie Pell recaps the race in sections and also has a detailed food log of what she ate to fuel herself during the run. [link]

Strong Hearts Vegan Power Ragnar Cape Cod 2016

Rachel Atcheson put together this hilarious and perfect video, capturing all the best parts of the weekend. Our antics, our beliefs, and our love of great vegan food. Set to Macka B’s “What We Eat”! [link]

Race Recap: 2016 Cape Cod Ragnar Relay Pt. 1

Nate DeMotigny has a greate write-up of the race that includes a sweet GIF of one of the exchanges. [link]

Our Hen House Episode 332

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