October 2016 Team Highlights

As a crew, the Strong Hearts Vegan Power team is known for slaying 200-mile relays a couple times a year. Our individual teammates, however, keep on moving—crushing PRs, crossing finish lines, and representing ethical veganism—all year round. Here’s a look at what some of our runners accomplished in the month of October.



At the beginning of the month, a mere week after our crew ran Ragnar Adirondacks, a bunch of our teammates headed to New Jersey to do it all over again at the Ragnar Trail Wawayanda Lake. Laura Kline, Sean Scott, Jason Young, Jon Hero, Clifford Dean, Allison Schill, Jay Phillips, and Paul Phillips all represented SHVP at the race. Fellow SHVPer Stacy Silver Cameron was also there running with a team of friends.



Scott Barras (top left) finished the Corn Run 5k with an a-maize-ing time of 22:30.

Joseph Burns (top right) was one of two SHVP runners to run the Chicago Marathon this year. Joe crushed his previous marathon PR by 15 minutes, completing the race in 3:30:22.

Alan Dumond (bottom left) ran the Grindstone 100, which featured 23,200 feet of elevation gain, in the rain and wind, finishing the race in just over 29 hours. And if that weren’t epic enough, he did it all with a broken collarbone. Teammate Laura Kline was there to crew, and she paced Alan during his last 35 miles.

Molly Glenn (bottom right) completed the Lafayette Apple Run 18k, where she PR’d with a time of 1:36:49. She finished 3rd female in her age group.



Marie Gryszowka (gear pictured top left) ran the TARC 50 Miler in the rain and mud, finishing in 17:32:00. She knuckled down and crushed it, coming in first and only female; all the others DNF’d.

Peter Guarino (top right) completed the Hartford Half Marathon.

Brian Hahn (bottom left, left) ran the East Rochester Scare Brain Cancer Away 5k.

Jon Hero (bottom right, center, pictured with his dad and uncle) finished the Empire State Half Marathon in 1:58:36—on a busted foot no less!

Christine LaDuca (top left) killed the Niagara Falls Fire Fighters Christmas Toy Drive 10k. Not only did she PR, but she was the first female finisher with a time of 49:14.

I (Britt LoSacco, bottom left) ran two races this month: the Staten Island 5k, where I PR’d by more than 3 minutes with a time of 23:18, and the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5-Miler.

Jason Elliot Mintz (bottom right) completed the Oil Creek 100, his first 100-mile distance ultra. He finished in 3rd place with a time of 20:59:45. Read his race report here.



Ellie Pell (top left) made her ultra debut at the Red Newt Racing Watergap 50k. You wouldn’t have known she was a first-timer, though, as she crossed the finish line with a time of 4:07, coming in first female and 6th place overall. Read her recap of the race here.

Paul Phillips (top right, right) ran the East Rochester Scare Brain Cancer Away 5k. (And no that’s not déjà vu—we used the photo twice. He’s pictured with teammate Brian, mentioned above .)

Micah Risk (not pictured) completed the B.A.A. Half Marathon.

Mike Welden (not pictured) started with teammate Jason Mintz at the Oil Creek 100-miler and made it through nearly 40 miles of the race on an injured ankle.

Jason Young (bottom) joined Ellie at the Watergap 50k. This was his first ultra as well, and he finished with a time of 5:51. A Ragnar and an ultra weren’t quite enough for Jason this month, though, so, just to round things out, he also ran the Atlantic City Marathon.



In not-specifically-race-related news, Laura Kline was featured in an incredibly positive article for Women’s Running about excelling as an athlete on a vegan diet. The piece highlights Laura’s many impressive accomplishments, addresses the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and doesn’t shy away from mentioning animal issues.



Last but not least, while this isn’t running-related, it is animal-related, and that’s arguably the most important aspect of why this team was created: Our very own Michael Harren debuted his multi-media performance piece The Animal Show last month in NYC. The show was crafted during his artist’s residency at Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary. Michael wove experiences, sounds, and music collected and inspired by his time there with stories from his personal life and work as an activist. The show included an SHVP shout out and many of the team members showed up to lend their support to Michael’s deeply affecting and often hilarious performance piece.


Congratulations to all our teammates on their accomplishments last month! Now get back out there and give us something to write about for November!

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