Our Next Ragnar Run & Beneficiary!

We’re very excited to announce our next Ragnar Relay: Ragnar Pennsylvania in the Poconos on June 2, 2017! We’re even more excited that for the first time ever, we have a massive FIVE teams entering the race; that’s 60 powerhouse vegans on the road! Each team will cover about 200 miles on foot, spread out over about 24 hours and 12 runners,. It’s an epic feat, and we do it for the animals. In fact, we’ve already started raising money for this race’s beneficiary: Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary is a haven for abused, neglected and abandoned farmed animals in Northern New Jersey. They are open to the public 5 days a week and teach humane education on their tours. It is their goal to introduce people to the animals that are usually only seen as part of the food production industry. They believe that if people experience these animals face to face they will see that each one has an individual and unique personality. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit.


We’re using the Classy platform, a new online site for non-profit groups to raise money for causes they care about. In our case, that’s the animals! You can visit our donate page to select a team or runner of your choice, or simply click a dollar amount below to be taken to the donate page! Either way, we, Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary, and the animals appreciate it!

$25  $50  $75  $100

Lastly, here’s our team rosters; we can’t wait to hit the road with our new team mates and legacy runners!

1 – Jason Young (co-Captain)
2 – Joseph Burns
3 – Liz Garrett
4 – Jeremy Dunbar
5 – Peter Nussbaum
6 – Erin Jaskiewicz
7 – Adrian Centoni
8 – Jeremy Ritz-Totten
9 – Jenny Rose
10 – Ian Sherlock
11 – Dana Portnoy (Captain)
12 – Scott Spitz
Drivers: Chris Cooney & Meghann Wilson

About Sam H.

Sam identifies as a weightlifter, not a runner, but can still bust out a 5k every now and then. Vegan for over a decade, he enjoys showing people how delicious vegan pizza is and listening to extreme metal.

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