April 2017 Team Highlights

Our ragtag band of vegans had a busy April, logging lots of miles and posting a bunch of impressive PRs. Looks like some good training in there for Ragnar Pennsylvania, which is now only a few short weeks away!


Lia Belardo (top left, right) ran the Run for Clean Air 10k. She also ventured west with teammate Heather to complete the Big Sur Marathon.

Adrian Centoni (top right) finished 7th place overall at the Wenatchee Marathon, earning himself a speedy new PR of 3:11:19.

Clifford Dean (bottom left) not only ran but cycled as well to compete in the Flower City Duathlon.

Corey Evatt (bottom right), a newbie to the team who will be joining us for the first time in PA in June, tackled the aptly-named Georgia Death Race. He finished the grueling course, consisting of over 70 miles with 17k feet of elevation gain, in 20:36:38. Be sure to check out his race recap here.


Kathleen Pace Froio (medal pictured left) braved the heat to finish the Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon. Per usual, she showed up repping veganism and received more than 20 positive comments along the course!

Molly Glenn (center left) finished the Flower City Half Marathon.

Brian Hahn (center right) also ran the Flower City Half Marathon, finishing with a PR of 1:45:03.

Erin Jaskiewicz (feet and medal pictured right) completed her first race of the season, the Run for Clean Air 10K in Philadelphia.

Laura Kline (top left) ran the 121st Boston Marathon, battling the heat to finish with an impressive time of 3:03.24! Read her race report here.

Shawna Laemlein (top center) also came out for the Flower City Half Marathon, earning herself a PR!

Rachel McCrystal (pictured on her medal top right, right; the fuzzy foreground image is a vegan donut FYI) ran the Run for Clean Air 10k. Rachel was also recently appointed Executive Director of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Yay!


As it turned out, the Run for Clean Air 10k in Philly was quite the family affair! In addition to Lia, Erin, and Rachel, we had the following SHVPers show up to run the course: (left to right) Matt Vietri, Kate McGuire, Jane Morley, Jeannine Osuna, Lia (hi again, Lia!), and Suzanne McKenna.


Ellie Pell (left) joined her teammates for the Flower City Half Marathon. Read her race write-up here.

Heather Ryan (center, left) ran the Big Sur Marathon with teammate Lia.

Scott Spitz (right) placed 3rd in the Carmel Marathon, finishing with an incredible time of 2:40:11, a 6:07 average pace! As if that weren’t impressive enough on it’s own, this was Scott’s first official marathon post-cancer diagnosis. Truly inspiring.


Mike Welden (center & right) ran the Breakneck Point Trail Marathon, which consisted 29 miles with 10k feet of vertical gain. He finished in 10th place with a time of 5:54. He also won the John Polo Annual 5k!

Aaron Zellhoefer (left) joined Laura at the Boston Marathon, pushing through the heat and sun to finish with a smile on his face and an excellent time of 3:13.


Great work and congrats to all our teammates. Keep crushing those miles–you’re going to have 200 of them to cover in June!

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