Race Roundup

As SHVP looks for new ways to engage with our community, we talked about sharing our accomplishments via weekly roundups. As this is the first, it may be a bit raw but it will be refined as we move along. What we hope for is that by sharing our races and individual accomplishments, as team members of one of the largest ethical running clubs around, is that we can inspire others and or prove that being a vegan athlete (amateur or pro) it’s not as difficult as you’ve been led to believe.

With that said, let’s get on to it…

On May 15th both Molly Glenn and Paul Sailer ran the Queens 10k. Having just come back from a stress fracture, Paul averaged a 9:30 pace while alternating running and walking per doctors orders. And Molly, a week away from running the Vegan Power 50k (race recap coming) managed to keep a solid 8 minute pace all while dodging a field of 12,000 runners for the first few miles. Congrats you two on a great race!!

And last but certainly not least is  Mike Welden and Jason Mintz who took on Many On The Genny in Rochester, NY. From the MOTG website it is a”40 mile trail ultra using both sides of the famous gorge in Letchworth State Park. With 90% of the course off roads, you will traverse single track, fields, foot bridges and bridle paths. You will experience beautiful vistas, quad busting climbs, and most importantly a grass roots, community friendly event.” From what we’ve heard, the course was extremely muddy and super difficult. Sounds like the ultra gods were throwing whatever they could at these two beasts, but it didn’t stop them!!

Race season is in full effect so plan to see much more of these round-ups! For more info about SHVP or our teammates you can follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/strongheartsveganpower/ or our Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/strongheartsveganpower/

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