Race Roundup: July 4th Edition

Summer is here and this week was busy as heck. We had teammates running 5k’s, 10k’s, 15k’s, 10 milers and even 100+ milers! Good lawd y’all; SHVP has been crushing all the miles and we are just getting started. Let’s get into it!

On June 27th, the dynamic duo of Joel Capolongo and David Houston took on the Tom Fleming Sunset Classic 5 Miler in Bloomfield, NJ. This race has been coming back year after year. “Since the early 1980’s, The Sunset Classic has been a calendar favorite in Northern New Jersey road racing.” This race is fun and unique as it has a stadium finish where tons of folks are packed in. Great job dudes!!

Our fearless leader, Joel Capolongo, returned on the 4th with another running mate, Peter Guarino. They took on the Cazenovia July 4th Foot Race which is a 10-mile run around Cazenovia Lake, which is 30 minutes east of Syracuse.  Joel says the race was “super hot and humid day but we did it! Managed an 8:45 pace despite the heat!” Way to crush it guys, it’s awesome seeing you pair up and raise awareness for the team.

One of the most humble ladies on the squad is Jaclyn Shockey who ran two races this week. On the 4th itself, she ran the 4th Of July Firecracker 5k in Port Carbon, PA. She said, “It was hot, it was humid, & it was hilly. First 5k in probably a little over a year & pleased with the results since I typically don’t do a whole lot of 5ks. Overall female winner in a time of 20:57 (6:43 pace) to get the Oakley sunglasses prize.” WOW!! She then followed that up on the 6th in Jim Thorpe, PA with another race, the Race Street Run 15k. Again, in her words “Race Street Run 15k yesterday in a time of 1:09:55 (7:35 average pace) for an overall female win. The first mile of the race was all up hill on the road until the trail access. I am not a fan of trails, but was thankful the majority of the race was trail just for the sake of shade since it was a scorcher. It wasn’t my fastest 15k but then again I don’t do many trail races so I think my pace was decent given the type of terrain and almost rolling my ankle twice. It felt good to step outside my comfort zone & challenge myself.” You are amazing, Jaclyn!

The always positive and life of the party, Dan Kelly smashed the Firecracker 4 Miler in Saratoga, NY with his son in tow, or would he be in tow? Who’s really in the drivers seat here anyway, Dan? His son Landon even ran his first registered race, the Sparkler Kids 1/2 Mile and he was down in his runner stance ready to get things going. The dude took it as a training run though and decided to turn it into sprints; keep getting that work in lil bro!!

We can’t have a race roundup without one of our members going off the proverbial rails and running all the friggin miles. Marie Gryszowka took on the Notchview Ultra in Windsor, MA. Per Marie, “the race had 72/48/24/12/6/3 hour options. I took on the 72 hour. Course was well groomed with some hills, fields, and lots of heat. Humidity was insane till it down-poured on us Saturday. Managed 114 miles to come in 14th in my race. Race supported Sonsini animal shelter and the trustees which upkeep the ski area it was held at. I think Benn said 44 people completed over 100+ miles and many of them were first 100 milers!!!” Wow, that sounds absolutely ridiculous! Marie is one of the few on the team that enjoys the trails more and grinds out the miles. Seriously, considering your line of work taking care of animals all day and then getting out there for days at a time; good lawd!! You are awesome!!

That concludes this weeks roundup and what an amazing roundup it was. This team continues to set the bar not only for each-other but prove that living an ethical lifestyle doesn’t mean you sacrifice anything at all. It’s a win for everyone, mostly the animals!! You all rep hard, keep moving forward. As always; to the front!!


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