Sponsor: Vegan Outfitters

Recently opened in Troy, NY the Vegan Outfitters is upstate New York’s first 100% vegan clothing store. Susan and Jed Civic, the owners of Vegan Outfitters saw a need for a something like this and just went for it. You can find vegan food just about everywhere nowaday but it’s extremely rare to find a shop that you can go into and know that every item is vegan and cruelty free.

Per their website: “At The Vegan Outfitter, we have already done the research and made sure that each and every item we carry is vegan. Many of them are PETA approved. We have created a shop where people can buy ethically produced designer clothing and accessories. The leather look-alikes are made from high quality PU, PET from recycled plastic bottles, hemp, recycled air bags, ecological microfiber (made with C02 free manufacturing), cork, paper, and even pinatex (pineapple leaves). Some shoes are made with organic cotton, and some with a combination of recycled plastic bottles and algae. Who knew there were so many options?

We strive to carry an eclectic mix of hard to find vegan items. You can find everything from professional dress shoes, belts and bags, to comfortable sneakers and backpacks. Funky shoes, hiking boots, durable wallets and cool biker and bomber jackets can be also be found here.”

Website : https://www.theveganoutfitter.biz/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/theveganoutfitter

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