Sponsor: Berben and Wolff’s

Berben and Wolff’s have been a sponsor before and we are super appreciative of their willingness to rejoin us for this Ragnar. With the huge success of their Albany location, they have recently opened a second in Troy, NY. These guys are doing the vegan thing right and stand behind all their products, which can be found all over the upstate NY area.

For a little more on B&W I snatched this info from their website: “From simpler beginnings as vegan food manufacturers and distributors, Joey Berben and Max Wolff have been dedicated to bringing creative and delicious vegan options to the people of the Capital Region since 2015. After just one year of positive reception and recognition, an entirely vegan deli in their home city of Albany, NY was already in high demand. Opened in 2016, Berben & Wolff’s prides itself on creativity, quality, and ethical consumption. With an evolving menu of classics and specials, Berben & Wolff’s is constantly striving to expand their culinary knowledge and expertise. Whether you’re in the mood for a familiar favorite or for something new, they’re sure to please.”

Though I am not close to Berben & Wolff’s living on  Cape Cod and all, on the way to another race I stopped in here for some food. I am telling you, if for some reason you have never been, you need to stop in to either location. The food is comforting and proves that being vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or enjoyment of favorite foods. Their wings were fantastic and I’d eat here every day if they were closer. Thanks again y’all for supporting SHVP and the animals!!

Website : https://berbenandwolffs.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pg/Berbenandwolffs
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/Berben_and_wolffs/

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