Race Roundup: September(ish)

Eesh it’s been a minute since I posted one of these eh? Even though it’s been a week and a half since we ran it, Ragnar took a bit of my time (and yours I’m sure). But, the roundups are back!!

We’ve got quite a bit to share so let’s get to it!


On September 7th  we had three teammates take on the Water Gap in Milford, PA. Sean Bethel and Molly Glenn ran the 50k and Stacy Cameron ran the 25k. Stacy crushed the 25k finishing 1st in her age group and 11th overall, kaled it! Molly finished in 5:32:23 which is nearly 2 hours faster than her time at the Vegan Power 50k. Wow Molly, amazing job!! And then there’s Sean… Minus taking a wrong turn, which I’m sure he did with a smile on his face, he placed 9th overall with a time of 4:23:17. It’s so much fun to post these things because you all are always outdoing yourselves, Sean shaved off 50 minutes from his previous PR. Way to go!!

It wouldn’t be a roundup with Jaclyn Shockey. Not only did she run RTB with us (on the masters team) but the weekend after she ran another Ragnar with some of her other friends. This one was the Sunset Ragnar Relay in Maryland. Her team didn’t have 2 runners so she and teammates picked up the slack and crushed some extra miles. Umm, of course you did!!

Another check-in from the 21st is Dana Wood. Dana took on the Hills Creek TRYathlon in Wellsboro, PA. Dana finished 3rd overall and his run time was the fastest of the top three athletes. He finished with a crazy time of 1:20:56. Awesome job man, pretty solid event all around!!

Our final roundup entry is Nate DeMontigny (yes that’s me, it’s kinda weird writing about myself here). I took on the Cape Cod Moves Y-Not Trail Race in Sandwich, MA. They have a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon and 50k option; I chose the 10k. I finished 2nd for men and for the very first time in my 45 years, I took 1st place in my age group. The course was surprisingly hilly and had some crazy roots/ ankle biters all over the trails. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

That about wraps this one up. If you all are still running, post your results (and pics if you have them) into our Facebook group. Until next time, to the front!!!

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