Meet SHVP: Evan O’Brien

SHVP is smorgasbord of people from a wide range of areas and experiences. Minus the brief blurbs on our roster pages, who are these people? In the next few months and beyond, we will introduce you to them. Comments are open on each profile so please, if you have questions let us know.

Our first mini-profile is Evan, pictured in the middle above!

How long have you been vegan?

I have been vegan since 2010, shortly after seeing Forks Over Knives. Before that, I had been vegetarian for 10 years.

When did you join the team and how were you introduced to SHVP?

I was introduced to Strong Hearts through Jared Avigliano in 2012. He is an old friend of Joel’s and had taken part in the first SHVP Ragnar Relay.

How many events have you run with the team?

I have run 8 events with the team (5 Ragnar, 2 Cherry Tree, and one Seneca 7)

Which one have you liked the most so far?

I think my first Ragnar relay experience was my favorite simply because everything was brand new to me at the time

What’s your favorite pre/post training meal?

Favorite pre-race meal is oatmeal with lots of toppings!

What are you currently training for?

Currently I am training to get myself ready for the Seneca 7 relay race coming up in April, and I can’t wait!

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