Meet SHVP: Amber Kowalowski

As you can imagine, things have been a little nuts the past few weeks. Without dwelling too much on the negative these posts are supposed to be uplifting. I’d like to share Amber’s story as it is very similar to mine and how she found her way to the team. I think it’s actually the story of most of us. How can you see this team at a race and not want to join right? Unlike the past couple of posts, Amber is relatively new. That said, she instantly made her mark at RTB and crushed all her miles!!

How long have you been vegan?

6 years since last December.

When did you join the team and how were you introduced to SHVP?

I joined in 2019 for Ragnar Reach the Beach and was introduced to the team through Dan and Jess.

How many events have you run with the team?

I’ve only done the one race. However, I also ran the Vegan 25k in 2019 and that’s where I saw some of the team sporting their SHVP shirts.

Which one have you liked the most so far?

I have only run the one race on SHVP but I enjoy the team aspect of the group races. I think I would really enjoy Seneca7.

What’s your favorite pre/post training meal?

I eat mostly whole plant foods and try not to micromanage how I eat. With a history of disordered eating, I avoid planning too much outside of getting in whole starches, fruits, and a lot of vegetables.

What are you currently training for?

I train for life. I don’t typically train running at all. I do strength training, functional fitness, and bodyweight training about 5x a week.

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