Who/what is Strong Hearts Vegan Power?

That’s a great question! Strong Hearts Vegan Power (SHVP) is a distance running team dedicated to both physical and social advancement through the vegan lifestyle, athletic development and varied means of activism. It was started by Joel Capolongo and Jared Avigliano in 2013 and has grown every year since.

Where/when do you race?

We typically run one Reebok Ragnar Relay Series each year, usually near the East Coast, and multiple smaller regional races. Our members have also run in the Ragnar Trail Series, and many individual races all around the country. We run everything from a 5k to a 50k and beyond!

Where can I get one of those sweet hoodies?

Unfortunately, our SHVP hoodies are not for sale to the general public. The only way to get one is to run with us! We supply all runners and van drivers with apparel.

Sounds great, how do I join?!

We require that all runners and van drivers practice a vegan lifestyle and we welcome runners of all experience levels. To apply, e-mail our recruitment coordinate Britt LoSacco at runwithus@strongheartsveganpower.org and include some background about your athleticism and veganism.

Why do you do this?

We run to serve as ambassadors for ethical veganism in a positive, uplifting way that is inviting while not deviating from the message of animal liberation. It is our experience that by exposing other runners and health-minded individuals to veganism (through our words, shirts, and athletic achievements) we can inspire and begin the conversation about why animal exploitation is wrong in a friendly, non-judgmental way.

Can my business sponsor the team?

Absolutely! We love to promote vegan-friendly businesses who are interested in sponsoring the team financially or with in-kind donations during our races. Please e-mail Britt at jess@strongheartsveganpower.org if you’d like to work with us. We have many different tiers of sponsorships available.