Team Results

Strong Hearts Vegan Power has been running relay races since 2013, proving that you don’t need to compromise ethics for athletic performance.

While we practice veganism for our health and to preserve the environment, our primary reason for running as a team is advocate for all non-human animals. Here’s our team results over the past few years:


Seneca 7 2019

  • Team Seitan 11:04:58 – 97th overall / 54th out of mixed category teams
  • Team TVP 11:11:44 – 107th overall / 58th out of mixed category teams
  • Team Tofu 11:47:20- 155th overall / 88th out of mixed category teams


Ragnar Relay Adirondacks

(out of 179 scored teams)

  • Team Ultra: 3rd
  • Team New Ethic: 9th
  • Team All Out War: 11th
  • Team Firestorm: 29th


Ragnar Trail Wawayanda

(out of 170 scored teams)

  • Open Team: 55th
  • Ultra Team: 138th

Ragnar Relay Adirondacks

(out of 221 scored teams)

  • Team Bubblegum: 34th*
  • Team Leo: 38th**
  • Team Teddy: 42nd
  • Team Ferdinand: 61st

*9th in Open Men
**12th in Open Mixed

Ragnar Relay Pennsylvania

(out of 269 scored teams)

  • A Team: 6th*
  • D Team: 133rd
  • B Team: 147th
  • E Team: 150th
  • C Team: 171st

*A Team came in 2nd overall in their division, Open Men


Ragnar Relay Adirondacks

(out of 277 scored teams)

  • A Team: 3rd
  • C Team: 130th
  • B Team: 154th
  • D Team: 170th

Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

(out of 514 scored teams)

  • A Team: 4th
  • C Team: 173rd
  • D Team: 193rd
  • B Team: 236rd

Ragnar Trail Waywayanda

(out of 150 scored teams)

  • A Team: 4th


Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

(out of 456 scored teams)

  • A Team: 3rd
  • B Team: 83rd
  • C Team: 252nd

Ragnar Relay Adirondacks

(out of ~300 scored teams)

  • A Team: 2nd
  • B Team: Finished
  • C Team: Finished


Ragnar Relay Adirondacks

(out of 297 scored teams)

  • A Team: 59th


Ragnar Relay Adirondacks

(out of ~200 teams)

  • A Team: 26th

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